Jar Candles

Whatever your favorite scent is our gourmet natural wax scented candles scent throw is amazing. We have a scent that fits your needs.

Flameless Wax Melts

What's another popular item we have? It's our flameless wax melts that you pop into your warmers. The scent throw is amazing.

Hemp Oil Candles

Don't think of this candle collection as our third favorite, think of it as the bronze medalist in an Olympic medals sweep of great candles.

Let's talk more about money.

Who doesn't need extra money right? We have an amazing opportunity. When you join us you will not only get your products at half off but you will earn money on everything you sell. Just put a candle under the nose and they will be all in once they smell and experience how even and clean our candles burn, all the way down to the bottom of the jar.

Let's talk freebies

We have a free weekly drawing that you can enter once a day with new drawings every week for free wax melts and a warmer. Just visit my website to enter today.

Next Steps...

Take the next step today and explore all that we have to offer you. Visit my website to watch videos, read information, and view our online catalog.