The most common questions are listed below.

Why are there 2 wicks in the 16 oz. jar candles?

We use 2 wicks so the candles burn evenly and release the maximum amount of fragrance from the first time you light the candle right down to the end.

Are the ingredients in the candles all natural?

Our wax is made up of all natural materials but we do not use natural fragrances in the majority of our candles. It is our opinion that most natural fragrances and essential oils do not produce as good a scent nor last as long as synthetic scents. Most of our scents are made specifically for our alternative wax formula and in the cases where we deem that a natural scent can function at the same level as a synthetic we use a natural scent. *Note: Our main goal was to address soot concerns among “mainstream” candle buyers and their candles. We were not looking to develop a candle for the much smaller “all natural” market-place.

Is the candle a 100% soy candle?

Our original formula was 100% soy but we found that soy was NOT the best ingredient to develop an alternative candle from. The reason is that 100% soy does NOT hold enough scent to create a strong scented candle. When we designed a strongly scented soy candle we found that scent actually rose to the top of the candle forming a puddle at the top. The proprietary formula we currently use is a formula specifically designed for our candle's needs (clean burning and also strongly scented) and is comprised of vegetables and other natural, renewable resources. In our opinion, although soy has the benefits of clean burning and warm water clean up, our blend has those benefits PLUS allows us to make the candle one of the strongest scented candles in the market!